Over 32 million people enslaved worldwide

  • 80% of these are forced into sexual servitude
  • 50-75,000 victims are trafficked in America alone
  • 100-300,000 American children are forced into prostitution

Help Us Today Save Lives

Join Awaken International in the battle against sex/human trafficking. Algernon will be traveling all over the world helping those who are working full time in fighting this epidemic. Algernon and many others are fighting to end slavery from across the US and the world and he welcomes your support! Please help us in this fight with your prayers and financial donations. More than anything Algernon’s desire is for the children of God to simply do something to make an impact in their communities by defending the poor,fatherless and oppressed. The time for talking is over the Father is looking for laborers.

“Defend the poor and the fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy” – Psalm 82:3


to our cause to stop Sex Trafficking

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